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No all of trainings are equal to each other . Do you want everyone to cheer for your workouts as you work harder than everyone at the gym ? Maybe we will ruin your dreams but it’s not the subject of this article. The point is that the difference between the day you do 20min. biceps training and two-hour strength training and cardio training you will need to have a good nutrition for it. You want to be fit as well as muscular If possible. You also consider what you eat before and after training. It is as important as what you do in the gym .

In addition , every food that you consume throughout the day , as well as what you eat before and after the training session is very important. Of course, this is not groundbreaking news , you ‘ve probably heard it before . So the fact that we are talking about a familiar topic …

BEFORE TRAINING : 20g protein plus 20-40 g carbohydrates which are slowly digested .

AFTER TRAINING : 40 g protein plus 40-80 g carbohydrates which are digested quickly . But here’s one (or three) questions: When after your workouts you need to have 40 g or 80 g carbohydrates. What if you have 65 gr. What about protein intake : Does this have to be changed ? Keep reading If you are confused.


Protein , from your nails to hair in your head everything in between ( bones, skin , blood and muscles ) forms the basis of much of body cells and tissues . I would advise for a day at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight. Any moment of the day you can take protein but the protein you need to intake just before and just after the training session that you need to fill your quota is so critical . Even though we recommend you to select the most foods which contains the sources of protein , you should avoid the proteins before and after training apart from protein shakes . The main reason , nutrients digestibility rate. Numerous studies , taking protein supplements before and after training will repair the muscles after or during the training as you harm the muscle tissues during training, muscle growth and strength significantly increased compared to only show carbohydrates . Fast digesting protein is the best for pre-training.

Weight lifting would harm your muscle tissues , therefore during a training session, there should be an adequate level of amino acids in your blood stream, it helps to prevent muscle deterioration . Protein , particularly branched-chain amino acids ( BCAA ) can also be used as fuel . As a result, this part of the protein must be still in your blood as the muscle healing process start after training. Eventually, we have to make sure that amino acids in blog circulation are enough to accelerate growth and repair the damages, that’s why it’s the main cause to take protein after the workout. Eating chicken breast or steak is not efficient as it won’t be quick to be absorbed by your body. This is why whey protein is the main source of post-workout.


In training nutrition, the role of protein is very clear , the importance of carbohydrate may not be so obvious . Slowly digested carbohydrates in the meal prior to training as fuel supply maximum effort to the body without releasing insulin that mess up fat burning. Also carbohydrates before training can also contribute to a better performance capture . A survey shows that the subjects consuming carbs before training , compared to the group had placebo (inactive substance) could do 20 more repeat before they got tired. In another study, the subjects were shown to be more powerful after eating carbohydrates . Getting pre-workout carbs , seems to be important for muscle development . Research shows again that the muscle cells deprived glycogen during exercise, the gene activities that are important for the development of muscle are lower than the muscles cells which contain high level glycogen.

The reason for us to eat fast -digesting carbohydrates after training , based on the principle around to contribute to the development of muscles . The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research magazine, an examination of the issue described briefly as follows : The main function of carbohydrates taken after training , your body uses as fuel during exercise , replenish muscle glycogen . These carbohydrates are taken within an hour after the first training session , going back to the previous level of muscle glycogen content quickly . Have the benefit of this for the exercises tight , but the biggest impact of carbohydrates , insulin supplementation does. Higher insulin levels after the training , the development of the muscles which serve to provide an increase in protein synthesis is associated .

These two key insulin supplementation is also an element of growth , attributed to a reduction in growth hormone and cortisol increase . Both protein and carbohydrates consumed within 30 min after training session . Because muscle cells , nutrients such as glucose training session in the next 45 minutes and shows a higher rate of uptake of amino acids . So how important it is to comply with this order after the training ? According to the results of a study , subjects were given immediately after exercise carbohydrate – protein supplements , workout than three hours later, almost three times more protein synthesizing reinforcement areas .


Obviously, before and after training to get enough protein and carbohydrates , development and maintenance of muscle mass is of critical importance . Also make sure you eat only protein and carbohydrates . Lubricated or worry about losing muscle you can calculate the nutrition you get wrong , thinking that the support you have provided in order to help organize your diet . Science and health education at the University of Texas, Austin, tribune of motion Chief Science Editor is Dr. John Ivy and Dr. Jim Stoppani’den , wanted to regulations by training workouts before and after your meals . Here are five different training scenarios , the amount of protein and carbohydrates for each of the ideal / type .


Fit for people to put your mind to be “fat ” is not a word that is no longer objectionable , but a little time before going to the gym can lead to adverse effects in the excess fat consumed . Primarily oil , protein , and carbohydrates may slow digestion . Second, it can slow down the secretion of growth hormone during a training session . Finally, a high-fat meal before exercise , your muscles will reduce the amount of blood feeding . Close to the time of the training or under 10 grams of fat intake should not hold the majority of this amount , monounsaturated or omega- 3 fats that are vital matter .

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