Personal Training

personal-training-1If training with a group isn’t your thing, then fear not, for personal training is a road you can never go wrong with. Our lovable experienced personal trainers will help you with your workout. If you hate it when you have to share your trainer with other people then fear not, for our trainer will devote all their time to you during these one to one training sessions which last as long your legs will stand. Our trainers are motivated and passionate and will continue to encourage you every step of the way from Peter Griffin to He-man.
The patience and passion our trainers deliver is unrivalled and don’t feel ashamed that you’ve never boxed before; because in a few short months, you’ll have forgotten or laughed at those insecure feelings when you show off your new stomach at the beach. Whether you want a strict regime or a friend to motivate you every step of the way, our personal trainers can accommodate. They’re here to help you and only you can determine what results you want out of them.
It doesn’t matter what your end goal is, whether our trainers are to sculpt the next Ali or turn you into Hulk Hogan, ELBC trainers are flexible in helping you achieve that goal. If you need a quick sweat before work and relax after a long day at the office, you need not worry since our trainers are very flexible with the times they can serve you.
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