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‘ Fight like a girl ‘

Anyone can compete in boxing – that’s including women too. Historically, many nations actually outlawed the sport but from the end of the 20th century there has been a different attitude towards females competing. Since Nicola Adams won gold during the Olympic Games 2012, more and more women are now deciding to take up the sport. At East London Boxing Club or North London Boxing Club, our classes are designed for both men and women.


Because of the nature of the sport, females are often worried about how they will be perceived when they first go to a club. But that apprehension will soon disappear when you realise you will not be the only female and definitely not the only beginner. You won’t be forced into the ring on your first night, that is something that you may or may not choose to do further down the line. To start with, you will work on footwork, various punches and building up your stamina. An intense session on the punch bag will have you feeling invigorated in no time and, if you weren’t already convinced, it can burn up to 800 calories in an hour!


So how do I get started?


The worst thing to do, is come to your first session unprepared. A couple of essentials will have you ready in no time. For us girls, a comfortable sports bra is vital, you will be jumping around as you learn your new techniques, and if this part isn’t sorted you will be restricted as to how much you can achieve. Secondly– comfortable clothing and trainers. And then finally – hand wraps. Hand wraps can be purchased from the club itself. These protect your hands, which, as you become stronger you will most definitely need.


Blog by Laura Tollerton


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