faqQ: What clothing and equipment should I bring to the sessions?
A:We would suggest you to wear comfortable, loose clothing. Such as T-shirt, jogging bottoms. Shorts and vests are also fine. You will need hand wraps If you have got some, If not then you can still buy them at the gym. The other equipments (boxing gloves, head guards, etc. ) you will use are provided by the gym.

If you have long hair, it’s recommended you wear a hair band or something to tie it up during the class.

Q: Is my level of fitness a problem when coming to the class?
A: Absolutely not, our classes are designed for people at all levels of fitness. It’s irrelevant as you can be fit as a professional athlete or really unfit. The classes are circuit based and everyone works at their own pace, none of which is compulsory or mandatory. Our aim is build your fitness and boxing ability over time. All we ask is your commitment and passion to reflect in your workout. We’ll push you because as they say, ‘no pain, no gain’, but you will improve both as a boxer and overall in terms of fitness.The more you push yourself, the less you need to next time.

Q: When I went to X gym elsewhere, I didn’t notice anything different me about later on down the road, will it be the same here?
A:  Of course, our classes are designed to ensure you will see improvements in your physical and mental wellbeing. You’ll notice the differences in a matter of weeks if you’re committed enough.

Q: I’ve never boxed before in my life, is that a problem?
A: Ali and Tyson asked that same question when they were starting out and they’re world famous. Level of ability is neither a problem nor an issue. Our classes are designed with everyone in mind, from the newest of novices to the most experienced of experts. Your level of experience doesn’t matter as our classes appeal to all levels of experience. However, if you’re new to this specific gym, then please come at least 15 minutes early so you can familiarise yourself with the facilities and warm up.

Q: I’m terrified of getting hit in the face….or worse; maybe boxing’s not for me.
A: Sparring and fighting against human targets is completely optional and you don’t have to fight anyone. There is no pressure to fight someone in the ring and we offer only body sparring and head and body sparring so if you’re scarred about getting hit in the face but you still want to spar, we’ve got you covered. Boxing training aims to improve your ability and fitness, but at no point do you ever have to go in the ring without your say so. We also have weight training, circuit and boxing skills that you can immerse yourself in. There’s more to boxing then simply fighting in the ring.

Q: This place sounds brilliant, how much is it?
A: Please use consult our Times & Prices

Q.  I’m not confident to work out in front of other people, what should I do?
A: we offer private one to one training if that will suffice. Please send us an email on info@eastlondonboxing.co.uk or ring us for further details on 07947426099

Q:  I’m already good at boxing and I’d much rather have a challenge fighting other boxers than lose weight. Do you offer something that will satisfy my competitive thirst?
A: As a matter of fact we do, we offer competitive boxing, amateur training and white collar boxing for those who are confident in their ability to go beyond fitness and fight properly in the ring.

Q: This Boxing gym sounds amazing, how do I get there?
A: For the address please see our location map.

Q: What kind of people come to the gym?
A: We have got a mixed client base regardless of age, experience and gender. Our policy is always one of inclusion: We say welcome to everyone here and we encourage a strong communal ethos throughout our training sessions.