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East London Boxing-Interval Training (intermittent load ) ( anaerobic )

Form of interval training would speed up your your metabolism more compared to aerobic training. Stable long-term aerobic training wouldn’t really speed up your metabolism . It’s true that aerobic training burns calories drink training but after you have finished training your metabolism will go back to the normal.

First of all even after your training your metabolism will remain high for hours and even in 1 min. you will be burning lot’s of calories.  When combined with proper weight training and intense interval training, It will speed up your metabolism for 24-48 hours . If you think your body’s fat burning day and night, without damaging your muscles , you will achieve the results very soon .

Training only 30-60 min. a day considering 24 hours a day, we will need trainings that will really help.

What can we do for cardio interval training ?

The method you choose is up to you , walking, jogging , cycling, elliptical machines , swimming or climbing .

Yes, What should we be aware of doing interval training ?

Always warm-up 5- 6m

High intensity : the fastest we could do for 1min

(If we appraise slow and fast between 1-10, It should be done in 9-10 )

Moderate : Moderate continue for 2 minutes

(5-7 magnitude should be done )

It takes a total of one set to 3 minutes .

Every 5 minutes cooling time
Note: You will lose the power If you do interval training before endurance training .

East London Boxing 4 month Interval Training

1-4 weeks :

3 sets of 3 times a week
Warm-up and cool-down included 19dk

5-8 weeks :

4 sets of 4 times per week
22min including warm-up and cool-down

9-12 weeks :

5 sets of 4 times per week
25mn , including warm-up and cool-down

13-16 weeks :

6 sets of 5 times a week
Including heating cooling 28dk

These workouts must be done after weight training or at spare times.

Let’s explain the first week more now,

5-6 minute warm-up

1m high intensity
2min moderate intensity

1m high intensity
2min moderate intensity

1m high intensity
2min moderate intensity

5 minutes of cooling down

A total of 3 sets

Have to remind again , If you do interval training before weight workout, It would cause a negative impact of your work.

4-month work plan described above, for those who do not do weight training or who done a long time weight training and have got a good cardio and strong physic.

If you are a beginner in this business, that would be enough to do 4 day training when you don’t do weights.  You can set the number of days of working, increasing the weight over time as a result . During interval training, once you strengthen your body , If you do your best in 1min. the progress and full power will gradually increase. Of course, however, will increase the rate of forcing your muscles . Automatically maximise your fat burning amount of your reach .

However, after the work If it is not enough weight 2-3 sets If you think your that will work . Days to be considered in this matter, you should not be doing it when you train your legs.

You’ll be amazed at how your abdominal muscles become more obvious after you start this program .

So what if people who have nothing to run fast for 1 min ?

Short distances are also very pleasing to be able to do this type of program.

For example, you have free space to run about 40-50 meters .

The following system could be done .

Lets say we have got two points and one of them is at the beginning of the football field and the other one is at the end. Let’s consider going to the end and coming back to the beginning as 1 lap.  Let’s also consider
3 rounds 9-10 at the level of the third round 5-7 in the first set being harnessed to say it . ( instead of return will be more effective if crouched like you are getting something from ) .
It can start by doing 4 sets of days you are available to work .

If you get stronger in time and If it’s not enough, at first, remove the set- up in the number of laps 5e , 6 or so then remove set your numbers , you have to increase the amount of your week .

Running before and after the stretching – stretching is mandatory before and after our training. Stretching the most important parts of training .

What If People who are older or don’t have a appropriate physic to run?

Yes , due to excessed weight, or because they have never run, some people may not be suitable because of their body conditions . Those people can do our interval training by walking instead of running. Especially people who are over weight should do it by walking at first as they have to be careful with their knees.

Walking should be done as follows , 1 min at maximum speed ( as fast as you can walk ) , 1min mid- tempo , slow and sluggish and not as never forget that our goal is to burn fat . For 45-60 minutes or can be set from 5 to 10 depending on the situation .

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