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Boxing Training in Interval Fat Burning Training Way

Boxing Training, You will be amazed at how much you loose without harming your muscles. Your fitness level will incredibly increase .

How to speed up your metabolism by using the system of interval training ?

Generally, people do cardio training 3-5 times a week and 30 – 60min each training session . If you think that this type of training works enough to burn fat and get your muscles come up, why do you still have a problem with them ?

People usually do 7-8 hours per week, in different times cardio training in their own programs . These people have ultimately been disappointed in them when they are encouraged and given advice on how they should do more cardio and when said there result is near. There are lot’s of people you see that they rung 45-60min. a day and they still can’t get the result from their training program.

So what is the solution for it? Do you need to do more cardio ? Of course not . More cardio will not help us . In fact, 6-7 hours of cardio a week will not help you speed up your metabolism but it will slow it down for sure.

There are a lot of misconceptions about aerobic workouts and there are many people who believe that aerobic work is a magical fat burning solution. Slow and boring cardio workouts to burn fat is not a long-term solution . Interval training will be the most successful way to get rid of all fats and reveal your muscles.

Now, let’s explain why long, slow and boring trainings don’t help burn fat sufficiently.

Let’s visualise long distance marathoners and short distance sprinters in our minds , let us , who would you like to be like ? If there is to be like, would you like to be 400m 100m runners or do you like to be the 10,000 runners ? Everyone would appreciate to be like a sprinter .

Let also mention this, , slow running  will start with 5 minutes when your condition is bad then will be 10min , 20min 45- 60min 5-6 times a week. So do you reckon this training will lead you to have a lean body ? I think not.

In time, as long as you carry on aerobic training, the oxygen capacity of  your heart and your lungs will continue to increase , it will move on increasing and you will be able to do long distance run.  This will make your muscles need to spend  carbohydrates and protein that you need to make muscles. Most importantly, a large portion of your time that is precious will needed to be dedicated on this work required. As a result of these developments, when burning 300 calories in 30 mins, in time, in 45 minutes you will be burning 300 calories . After a while, it’s not going to be the solution to increase the amount of your cardio time . So when are you going to be burning off your fats?
More over time , to burn more calories you will start to do more aerobic training then your body might start also burning  your muscles to use for energy to provide the needs. Literally your body will burn your muscle tissues. Muscle tissues during aerobic training can turn into glucose for energy needs .

Aerobic training does not make muscle , but it can make you lose muscles.

So what’s the solution if that aerobic training does not work ?

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