“I’ve trained with Sedat many times. I say this with absolute sincerity and with no level of irony that his skills as a trainer are on a level out of this world”
World amateur Boxing Champion and Olympic Boxer Sedat Tasci

“I used to believe that Boxing as a guy’s sport and girls weren’t allowed like a 10 year old boys club. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s a brilliant way to stay in shape. I’m hooked. I can’t thank Sedat enough for training and support he’s given me.” 
Denise Van Outen

“Since training with Sedat, my confidence has shot through the roof. I look good and feel amazing. No words or level of praise can do Sedat justice. I’m honoured to have trained with one of the most wonderful, friendly and passionate trainers there is and I’m so lucky to have found him.”
Karen Poole (Alisha’s Attic)

“He’s combined a multitude of factors into his workouts to deliver an amazing training programme. He’s relaxed, he’s passionate, and you don’t find many like this with this amount of skill and talent. I’d shout his name from the roof and I can thank him enough for the support he’s given me.”
World boxing silver medalist and WSB fighter Caner Sayak

“I look back on my life and divide into two periods, before I came to the Boxing Gym and after I came to the Boxing Gym. If you asked me who one of my best trainers has ever been, I’d say without hesitation that it was Sedat. His care and guidance have taken me to an all new high. The various things he’s taught me have been enlightening and enjoyable despite their rather banal nature. He’s pushed me to the limit and beyond in every session and I thank him every time. The music, the atmosphere, the people and the encouragement I receive turn what could be a rather boring and monotonous workout into a thoroughly enjoyable training sessions.

Robert Kazandjian (PE Teacher)

“I achieve more results in the hour I spend with Sedat then if I spent all week at my local gym. I have more fun, better results and ultimately, greater fitness all because of the dedication Sedat puts into each session I have with him. He’s the only guy I’d ever train with and for good reason, he’s the best. You can’t go wrong and he’ll treat you right.”
Ally McErlaine(The guitarist of Texas)

“The personal training sessions I’ve been doing at the club are amazing. The feeling you get from the club can’t be described in anything less than in a highly positive manner. Each time I train with him, he inspires me beyond any generic self-help or ‘YOU CAN DO IT’ infomercial. The challenge he provides helps me in so many ways and I notice that my fitness only improves every time. The flexibility and availability also couldn’t be anything less than a godsend, he’s so wonderful and one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Just don’t get in the ring with him; you’ll be lucky to last 10 seconds.”
Diego Cayubi

World amateur boxing champion Sedat Tasci

Denise Van Outen training at North London Boxing Club

Silver medalist and friend of North London Boxing club, Caner Sayak