East London Boxing Classes

The unique yet flexible nature of our classes has been designed by our trainers to maximise your fitness, potential and most importantly, your enjoyment. The classes have innovated in such a way so as to combine traditional boxing exercises sparring, punch bags with cardio circuit training so as to ensure you know how powerful your workout is. The classes are gender, race, age and ability blind and do not seek to help any one group, but cover a broad range. The only thing that will be tested is your fitness, not whether you’re a woman, black, foreign or too old to be training with us. We here at East London Boxing Club do not discriminate, but rather welcome all creeds and backgrounds.
Do not feel that you’ll be alone during your workout as you’ll train with friendly people as well as supervision from our experienced trainers. We want to make sure you’re comfortable when working out here are East London Boxing Gym, and as such, our trainers make sure that you’re not having any problems. Our trainers show everyone the attention they need and require so as to maximise their workout. Regardless of your level of skill, fitness or how long you’ve been attending, you can rest safely in the fact that you’ll always get the help and support you need in order to push yourself to the next level.

Structure of our classes

Each class runs for approximately 90 minutes (excl. Personal training ). However we recommend to everyone that they arrive between 15 and 20 minutes early in order to put on hand wraps and warm up. The sessions is divided into three sections (Warm up/stretching, Circuit training and Cardio blast).
The warm up exercises are essential to any workout as they ensure you don’t injure yourself during training. The warm up exercises are done as a group, but you will work as a pair. This helps in two ways because you work hard as a group, and if one person is slacking off, the partner can help motivate them.
The circuit training programme, whose unique nature means you’ll never experience the same workout in the same way ever, is the mainstay of East London Boxing Club’s sessions. The circuit training comprises of many different exercises such as sparring, skipping, shadow boxing, punch bag, weights etc. You can either work alone, or with as many people as you like, it’s completely up to you. The trainer on duty will ensure you’re doing your best and making sure that your workout is enjoyable, safe and maximising your fitness. He’ll even show you a few exercises that you wouldn’t have originally thought to do.
After the hard work you’ve put into the rounds of circuit training, you’ll now be privy to the cardio blast. The entire class will work through the cardio blast which has been specially designed by our trainers to target areas which are often neglected during the circuit round; lats, obliques, thighs and even abs. It will also improve your stamina and overall fitness. There are several exercises that you will cover such as press ups, sit ups and even burpies and plank before finishing with a warm down and stretch.