NLB_about_v07-jkWelcome One and All to East London Boxing Club
My name is Sedat Sag, and I’m the owner and head coach of North and East London Boxing Club, a fantastic Boxing gym. We provide first rate training to everyone who comes to our gym regardless of skill and fitness. My own experience with boxing has motivated me to share the lessons I learned with all of you. I began boxing at the tender age of 11 and fell in love with the sport. The lessons I learned whilst boxing transcended the desire to become fit and improve my own fighting skills, but gave me confidence in myself, my outlook on life and showed me potential I never thought had existed inside of me. Over the course of my career, I fought in over 100 matches including national and international tournaments. I have gold medals in many of them, and I’d like to pass the torch onto you.

Fast forward to the present, I’m now training the next generation of Mayweather, Khan and possibly even the next Ali and Sugar Ray Leonards. It’s happening as I write this, I’ve trained members of the Olympic boxing team of Turkey including Caner Sayak (World boxing silver medallist) and World Champion Sedat Tasci. I’ve also helped Television and Film stars, musicians such as Sharon Small, Denise Van Outen and Scottish Band “Texas” star Ally McErlaine.
I hope that I can share with you the experience and wonders that I witnessed when boxing here at East London Boxing gym. Our trainers are here to put you through a gruelling and stomach churning workout. By the end of it, you won’t be just walking into Mordor; you’ll be skipping into it. All of our trainers are registered with the ABA and qualified with the CRB, and possess a wealth of experience and knowledge by working with individuals of varying skill and ability such as the Olympic team I mentioned earlier.
Feel free to drop by and train with us. We’re a friendly bunch and we’ll welcome you with open arms.

Best wishes,

Sedat Sag, 
Head Coach 
Owner of North and East London Boxing Club